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My name is Gian Franco Ramirez. Born on November 3 1997 i have 15 years in the city of El Espinal . In the department of Tolima, in the country of Colombia, the names of my parents is My mother´s name is Lina Maria Ramirez my mother´s is 38 years and My frather´s name is Sandro Reyes my father´s is 42 years.


My family consists of my grandmother, my grandmother's name is Ana Maria Urueña, my father, my father's name is Sandro Reyes Urueña, my pet my pet name is Chiqui and I my name is Gian Franco Reyes. In El Espinal, currently live with my parents and relatives in El Espinal, in the neighborhood "Santa Margarita Maria".

My pet

I have a pet and its name is Chiqui is purebred chow-chow.

My pet is a consolidated member of the family.

My pet is 2 years old and is very playful.

My pet and I

My pet is like my brother is a family member very important for all my family.

My pet and I like to play soccer.

My pet and I understand my pet and ignores me.

My friends

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This photo shows some friends appears Wilmer Florez, Andres Avilan, Emilio Cuellar and I Gian Franco Reyes.

There we gathered to watch the match Milan vs Barcelona Fc.

That are my friends.

I do what I like

In this photo show up on the computer that is one of the things I enjoy doing and leaning on the bed or sofa.

I like being on the computer in order to play online with a partner dofus or talking on social networks.

I also like to play with the computer lying on a sofa or a bed to rest.

I want to be in the future a mechatronic engineer

I would like to be a mechatronic engineer because it is a career that catches my attention.

Why is technology and create robost and automation industries.

It's a career where I can have fun in the manufacturing and automation industries robost.

Domotica Tambrien learned that a house is to automate

National University in Bogota

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I would like to study at the National University in Bogota.

That at the National University in Bogotá is the race that interests me is the career studying mechatronics.

In the national university would be good to study there because it is one of the best universities in the country.

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